Billiards Online (8 Ball)

There are a variety of rules for playing Billiards, combining professional and amateur rules. Some may even be different in all Countries or even locally.

The rules we use in have been adapted so that your experience playing Billiard online is as much fun possible.
The difference? Simplicity.

The rules for playing Billiard online are:

Object of the Game

Try to sink whichever type of balls you are entitled to. Solid balls (1-7) or striped balls (9- 15) leaving the eight ball last.

Breaking the Rack

The first player to arrive at the table will break always shooting behind the head string. Most times, this is where the type of balls you will have to try and sink for the rest of the game is defined.


Players will shoot until they make a foul, miss to sink one of their entitled balls or their 30 seconds are up.

The Winner of the Game

The player who pots all the balls he's entitled to sinking the 8 ball last wins. Player can also win if opponent pockets the 8 ball illegally or if opponent abandons the game.


+ Sinking the cue ball.
+ Pocketing the 8 ball illegally.
+ When failing to hit the cue ball
+ Contacts opponents ball first with the cue ball.

Play Billiard Online

Billiards is and will continue to be one of the most popular free online games because of its inexistent learning curve and nature free competition. There’s nothing like playing Billiards online to have some fun.

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